How to care for Prayer Plants

(Members of the Maranta family like Calathea, Ctenanthe, Maranta or Stromanthe species.)

1. Lighting
  • A lot of Prayer Plants grow good on bright to light shaded places with some morning or evening sun. They should be protected from hot summer sun.
    Maranta leuconeura
    Prayer Plant (Maranta leuconeura).
2. Soil
  • Standard mixes for indoor or container plants such as for herbs and vegetables can be used. I grow most of my container plants in peat free vegetable or tomato soil.
    peat free soil
    Peat free soil.
3. Watering
  • Allow the soil to dry to about 75 % of the pots height before adding water.
    Ctenanthe roots
    Ctenanthe roots.
4. Feeding
  • Start feeding one year after buying or repotting the Prayer Plant. From then liquid fertilizer can be given every month (summer) or second month (winter).
    organic fertilizer
    Liquid organic fertilizer is suitable for herbs, container plants, cacti and also Prayer Plants.
5. Temperature
  • Prayer Plants are native to tropical regions and like it warm the year round. They need a minimum temperature of 15 °C/59 °F.
    Calathea bella
    Calathea bella is nativ to Brazil.